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Who's Who

Staff and Governors

South Benfleet Primary School has a large and experienced team who all work together for the benefit of the children and the school community.

Teaching Staff

Mr D. Carver Headteacher                                                                                           
Mrs J. Barber Deputy Headteacher
Miss E. Farrell Year 6
Mr A. Moyse Year 6
Miss C. Kemsley-Benson Year 5 Maths Subject Leader
Mrs E. Pilkington Year 5
Mrs J. Cox

Year 4

Mrs A. Johnson Year 4
Mr M. West Year 3
Mrs L. Alexander Year 3
Mrs K. Hayes

Year 2 Teacher - Assistant Headteacher

Team Leader for Key Stage 1

Miss H. Inglis Year 2
Mr C. Offredi Year 1
Miss M. Shirley Year 1
Mrs D. Hall Early Years Leader
Mrs L. Tanner Early Years
Mrs M. Skinner Inclusion Manager - Part-time                                    
Mrs S. Board Part-time Teacher & PE Subject Leader
Mrs H. Walford Part-time
Mrs C. Vermeulen Part-time


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs J. Baker Mrs L. Dobbyn  
Mrs R. Barrett Miss A. Hewer
Mrs P. Bowry Mrs M. Lamont
Miss N. Carter Mrs M. Mason
Mrs G. Cook Mrs L. Reekie
Mrs S. Cooper Mrs T. Toomer
Mrs J. Cracknell Miss K. Treloar
Mrs W. Crane Mrs J. Woodcraft


Administrative Staff

Mrs J. Hartland School Secretary
Mrs J. Bewers School Business Manager
Mrs D. Crickmar Administrative Assistant / ICT Support
Mrs D. Price Finance Assistant


Site Maintenance Staff

Mr D. Parker Site Manager
Mr D. Sweeney  
Mrs M. Johnson  


School Meals Staff

Mrs L. Bott, Catering Manager Mrs. K. Holmes                      
Mrs M. Rush Mrs J. Whittaker
Mrs V. Threadwell  


Midday Assistants

Mrs L. Richmond, Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs M. Jacobs
Mrs D. Bale Mrs M. Lamont
Mrs E. Paul Mrs L. Larkin                                     
Mrs C. Court Mrs L. Redgrave
Mrs C. Breslin Mrs L. Reekie         
Mrs H. Summerscales Mrs J. Woodcraft   


Lunchtime Playleaders

Mrs J. Hales


Swimming Staff (Summer)

Mrs C. Ellis, Instructor
Mrs L. Richmond, Assistant
Mrs J. Hales, Assistant


The Governing Body