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Christmas Party Day - Wednesday 20th December

Don't forget that Wednesday is our last day at school and also our Christmas Party day.


On our last day of term, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children will be having their Christmas parties. The children will be allowed to come into school in non-uniform. Please note EYFS children have already had their party.


It would be appreciated if you could send in ONE packet of party food that can be shared out and eaten at the party. For example, ONE box of cakes, OR ONE packet of biscuits OR ONE tube of Pringles. After the party any food that is not eaten will be thrown away, so please don’t send in too much! Please do not send in anything until the morning of 20th December and note we cannot accept anything that will need refrigerating. We would appreciate it if you did not send in any food that contains nuts or traces of nuts which could trigger off any allergies. You do not need to send in any drinks, as the school will provide this. In addition to the party, your child will be able to bring a game to school to share with friends and/or a dvd. Please ensure the game is in a named carrier bag. Also please do not allow the children to bring anything of sentimental or monetary value as they will be responsible for looking after it. (Please note, no computer games)