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EST E-Safety Training and Film Night

One of the biggest dangers children face today comes from the internet including the games children play, communication apps they use and the websites they visit whilst at home, out and about or at friends or other people’s houses.  Children connected to the internet often have the same access to the world that adults have!

Working with E Safety-Training, the school and the PTA, we have arranged an evening event which aims to educate, engage, impact and challenge parents to consider how their children use the internet and what more they must do to keep them safe. We see this as an essential opportunity to help keep your children safe.

In order to make it as easy as possible for parents to attend, we will be holding a Film Night for children in the Junior Hall which will be supervised by several members of staff and where drinks (water & squash) and popcorn will be provided and we will be showing the film Sing (U).  Parents/Carers will be in the Infant Hall where refreshments will be available. 

If children want to bring a blanket or a pillow to make watching the film more enjoyable they are very welcome.

This is a free event for both parents/carers and children. 

Children will only be allowed to attend the Film Night if their parent/carer is attending the E-Safety session.  An adult can attend without a child – it may not be possible for both parents/carers to attend but we hope that 1 adult is able to.  The sessions will run from 7pm to 9pm.  The Film Night is open to children in Years 2-6 only but Early Years and Year 1 parents may attend the E-Safety session.

It will be on a first come first served basis as we only have 150 spaces in each hall.

Initially, we ask that just one adult per family attends to allow as many families as possible to hear the message.

If you wish to attend the E-Safety session and your child will be coming to the film night, please complete this form as soon as possible.  We are unable to allow children into the film night without a parent/carer attending the E-Safety session.

Further info about EST can be found on their website  We would like to urge as many of you as possible to attend the session.

As well as running this event we also publish information on our website and will publish any relevant information from this event.  Please book your place by Thursday 28th March.