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Parent Update 5.2.21

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope that you are all staying well. There are several things to share this week.

Firstly thanks to everyone that despite poor weather took part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird watch last week. Over 50 people reported back to us and the results are interesting. We’re amazed and pleased at the variety of birds spotted. Here are some of our findings:

  • Wood pigeon was the most commonly spotted bird followed by sparrows, starlings, blue tits and robins.
  • Four sparrowhawks were seen along with one peregrine falcon​​​​​​​
  • Several people were treated to a visit from either a greater spotted woodpecker or a green woodpecker
  • Two herons were seen as well as an egret by a stream and some Canadian geese
  • Some people reported seeing birds busy building nests in trees or nesting boxes​​​​​​​​

Keep looking out for birds in your garden or from your window. If you can, put some appropriate food out for them and they will keep returning. If you enjoyed bird watching, you can always find out more by visiting .

Half Term - 15th-19th February 2021
The government revealed the decision in a recent email that all schools would be closed at half term both for online learning and for critical workers. Please see the email extract below


POSTPONED Training Day - Please note that the training day that was scheduled for Monday 22nd February has now been postponed.

Open Evenings
We will be holding virtual Open Evenings spread over the two weeks after half term (weeks beginning 22.2.21 and 1.3.21).  We have decided to split the school into two halves with half of the school holding their sessions in one week and the remainder in the following week. We will be asking parents and carers to book via a ParentMail form in the usual way and then we will then send you a meeting code. We will send full details next week. The main focus of these meetings will be to discuss the first term’s learning and more recent remote learning, which you will appreciate is much more challenging to assess.

Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 9th February 2021
Tuesday 9th February 2021 is ‘Safer Internet Day’ with activities and events taking place around the globe. The theme for this year is, ‘Together for a better internet’. You might like to take a look at the websites below for some ideas and advice about how to make the internet a safer and better place for all but especially for children. 

How to support online learning at home
We know this is a challenging time for parents, carers and children. Remote education has brought new demands and changed how you engage with school. Many parents and carers are balancing various responsibilities while supporting their children with education at home. Below, in part based on parental feedback, are our tips and suggestions for supporting your child during this continued period of remote learning: 

  • Establish clear routines especially for bedtime and getting up in the morning. It is important that children have a good night’s sleep so that they can focus on their learning the following day. Try to stick to your usual times as if it was a normal school day
  • Set up a quiet workstation with enough space for your child to work so that they understand this is where they will complete their learning with access to resources such as pencil, paper etc
  • Limit distractions such as TV, computer games etc so that your child can focus and give their school work their full attention
  • Establish a timetable for the day that works for you but try to encourage your child to join the daily morning Google meets (Years 1 - 6) as this is an opportunity to see their teacher and peers, talk through the learning for the day, review previous learning and get motivated for the day
  • Encourage your child to watch the video introductions to lessons provided by their teachers as they are vital for explaining the learning and will enable your child to feel more confident when completing the tasks set. As they are pre-recorded, children can watch them many times over if necessary or watch particular sections again to help them to be successful
  • Ensure your child has time off screen and some fresh air! Go for a walk, play in the garden or even just play indoors
  • Please speak to teachers via the Classroom/Tapestry or by phoning the office if you have any questions or queries. Please remember that we are here for you.

Please note we do recognise that every circumstance is different, but can only ask everyone to continue to do their best. Keep going - you are doing a great job!

Once again thank you for your support, please stay safe.