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Update 1.6.20

Brief update - start of Second half of the Summer Term 2020


Firstly we hope that you continue to remain well and are staying safe. You will be aware that there has been intense media coverage about a partial reopening of schools reflecting in part the fact that children seem to be far less impacted by Covid19. We sent out letters a couple of weeks ago outlining how school would be for those wishing to return, tomorrow marks the first of those returns for pupils who have indicated they would like to return.


Please do not just turn up if you didn’t respond to the letter a couple of weeks ago. We have had to make extensive arrangements including grouping of children and staff to reduce mixing. We will consider in due course how we can accommodate other pupils / requests for places.


The usual weekly timetables of activities will be published today. These, and the work on them set using Tapestry and Google Classroom, provide the main way that we are striving to stay in contact with pupils and provide learning experiences. Please make sure that you check back on comments made by staff - they sometimes get missed due to the amount of activity.


Please remember that if you have any issues or problems we will always do our very best to help. If you need to contact us please continue to message via Tapestry or Classroom, email the school office directly or call the office which is open every week day.


We are very much looking forward to seeing the return of a number of EYFS, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils this week. We also hope that we will have the opportunity to welcome other pupils back before the end of term if the rules/guidance changes. 


Stay safe and well.